105-year-old cyclist rides 14 miles in an hour en route to a world record

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
On Wednesday, French Robert marchanne set a new world record in the No. 22 cycling race. 547 (about 14 miles)in an hour —
At the age of 105
Marchand wore a purple and yellow cycling suit, a pink helmet and yellow glasses, and finished 92 laps at Velodrome National, an indoor circuit near Paris for elite cycling.
He created 105, according to The Associated Press-
In addition to the age group, there was a standing ovation in the crowd and when Robert stopped, they chanted \"Robert, Robert \".
Still, he said he could have done better.
\"I didn\'t see a sign that warned me that there were 10 minutes left,\" Marchand said, according to The Associated Press . \".
\"Otherwise I will go faster and I will post a better time.
I\'m waiting for an opponent now.
\"In contrast, the United StatesK.
Bradley Wiggins rides 54. 526 (about 34 miles)
According to the BBC, on 2015, the man\'s one-hour record remained unchanged.
\"I\'m not here to be a champion.
\"I\'m here to prove that you can still ride a bike at the age of 105,\" Marchand said . \". His record-
The ride on Wednesday was incredible, but Marchand\'s entire life went through a series of unusual events.
The background of the Associated Press is this: So what is his secret?
Marchand\'s coach and friend, Gerard Mistler, told The Associated Press that it was simple: he eats fruits and vegetables, does not smoke, drinks only wine once in a while, and sleeps at 9 in the eveningm.
Exercise every day.
Mistler, perhaps aware of the cloud of doubt hovering in an impressive bike show, told the news service: \"If [he]
He wouldn\'t have been there if he had taken doping.
\"It seems that this story is no better than it is. There are some amazing photos here.
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