air pollution blamed for 500,000 early deaths in europe in 2014

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
In 2014, Andy corkland\'s dirty air killed half a million people too early in Europe.
The same is true of an air quality report by the European Environmental Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark.
\"Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk in Europe,\" the European economic zone said . \".
The biggest killer so far is pm2. 5.
5. Test the small particles of soup juice 2.
5 microns or less.
It is estimated that 428,000 people died prematurely in 41 European countries tracked in 2014.
Accounting for 57 of the main source of pm2. 5.
The emissions in 2015 were wood burning at home, especially in Eastern Europe.
In the same 41 countries, nitrogen oxides, mainly from car exhaust, have shortened the life span of about 78,000 people. Ground-
Ozone is another major killer, with an estimated 14,400 premature deaths.
\"Heart disease and stroke are the most common causes of premature death from air pollution, accounting for 80 of the cases,\" the report said . \".
Air pollution can also cause other respiratory diseases and cancer.
Fatal effects on children\'s diabetes, Alzheimer\'s disease, pregnancy and brain development.
Two of the most serious hot spots in PM2.
Pollution in Poland and Northern Italy exceeds the EU\'s annual average of 25 micrograms per cubic meter of air.
\"The pollution in Poland and the Pogu is very serious,\" said Alberto Gonzalez Ortiz, the lead author of the report . \".
The most serious criminal is the city of Krakow, Poland, where pm2. 5 is found.
The 5 value is 44 micrograms.
Macedonia also had 40 micrograms.
More than 30 micrograms in a dozen Polish cities, and more than 30 micrograms in Milan, Padova, klimona, Brescia, Venice and Turin in northern Italy.
Overall, 7-8% of the European urban population is affected by pm2. 5.
5 concentrations exceeding EU limits.
However, when the World Health Organization was based on a stricter limit of 10 micrograms, the proportion of European urban population was between 82 and 85.
It is estimated that 37,600 people died of pm2. 5 in the UK.
Five exposures in 2014.
The most serious hot spot is 16 micrograms along Marylebone Road in London, followed by 15 micrograms on the roadside in Harlem, north London.
But Britain has also seen many premature deaths from exposure to nitrogen oxides: about 14,000.
The situation is more complicated due to the widespread use of diesel in vehicles.
In an area of London, the annual limit for carbon dioxide was exceeded as early as January 6.
On September, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched the seventh emergency air quality alert since the launch of the system a year ago.
In Germany, France and Spain, the impact of carbon dioxide is also great.
Overall, emissions are falling, but at a slow pace, Ortiz said.
If countries further limit the number of vehicles, burn cleaner fuels for heating, and create more pedestrian areas, air will become faster, he said.
Ortiz also recommends the adjustment of the infrastructure to accommodate cycling and to facilitate the wider use of public transport.
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