avoid a bike crash- cycling tips for rainy weather

by:Betrue     2019-08-25
Bike crash: the trick of cycling when your car gets wet!
If you \'ve ever ridden a road bike, rode a bike with a group, or just rode a bike while training on your own, you\'re likely to experience the rain.
Most people are afraid to ride in order to avoid a bike crash, especially when they have to turn.
While caution is certainly worth it, you don\'t have to be afraid of it either.
Here are the riding tips to keep in mind when your ride gets wet and avoids a bike crash: Remember: water can reduce the friction of the bike brake pads on the rim.
Expect when you need to brake.
Apply the brakes evenly to both wheels before you need to slow down or stop.
This will allow moisture to be squeezed out of the rim to help you maintain control and the cultivation of your tires.
It is important to know that reducing grip is important, as the brakes may catch suddenly and you may lose control or slip.
Don\'t ride on painted lane lines or other surfaces.
When wet, these become more slippery than black, because the paint fills the traction of the road surface and creates irregularities.
Avoid wet manhole covers, sewer grilles and other metal objects.
They will be smoother than paint.
Look ahead and pick your lines carefully.
Avoid metal decks and rails as well.
Sometimes it\'s safer and smarter to get off the bike.
Wet leaves, grass and other plants
Life will be hard too.
Avoid going through puddles where you can\'t see the bottom.
There may be a pit below, filled with broken glass and other dangers.
You can\'t ride if you can\'t see it!
Wear eye protection to prevent rain and other road dust from spraying out of your eyes.
Wear cycling glasses with clear or yellow lenses.
These colors allow you to see the road details effectively even on the coldest days.
The rain and fog greatly reduced the driver\'s vision.
Wear brightly colored bike clothes and let the passing driver see you.
Colors such as yellow, orange or red are the most obvious.
You can also consider wearing bicycle clothing with reflective stripes or tape. Remain calm.
In the case of poor traction, the dead grip on the handlebar will increase your chances of eventually falling into a ditch.
Release your tension consciously.
If this is the first rain in a while, please be extra careful.
When the rain starts, the road tends to be more flat.
Rain water produces asphalt liquids and vehicle liquids that may overflow since the last rainfall.
Remember to dry the bike before putting it away.
This is also a good time to lubricate the chain as well as the cables, housing and pivot points of the brake and gear systems.
Bicycle tires are not inflated enough.
This can increase your contact with the road and give you more control.
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