colombian men’s cycling uniform as ‘naked’ as the women’s

by:Betrue     2019-08-25
There is not much imagination left. . .
Source: TwitterFIRST, the uniform of the Colombian women\'s cycling team let us do a double shot with its exposed design.
There is nothing left for men to imagine.
Social media showed images of Colombian women\'s uniforms gobbling in a match in Italy yesterday.
This is one of the biggest design failures we \'ve ever seen.
Go through the colored part of the lower torso and upper limb and leave the woman naked.
Now the men\'s pack is on rounds with a fairly prominent circle that draws the eyes right below the waist. Not good.
Source: TwitterHmm. . .
Source: available \"@ jacquiatley: Incredible.
The new Columbia women\'s cycling jersey. pic. twitter.
This must be a prank, of course. Meanwhile, President of the International Cycling Federation (UCI)
Uniforms worn by Colombian women are \"unacceptable \".
\"For a lot of people who have raised a certain women\'s team toolkit issue, we are dealing with this case,\" Brian Cookson wrote on his Twitter account . \".
One positive aspect of all this is the designer of this year\'s Commonwealth Games uniform in Australia. The Speedo-
Swimming suits made for Australian men at this year\'s Glasgow Commonwealth Games have also raised concerns about the wrong areas.
Source: Australian News Corporation, the genius behind these uniforms is also expressing their thanks.
The US team launched their uniforms at the Sochi Winter Olympics!
Love them or hate them? pic. twitter.
Glasgow 2014 parade uniform in Sukhumvit.
Maybe that\'s why Chris Hoy decided to retire before the game. pic. twitter.
@ PrimeSportsGear: Picture of soccer league uniform PSG at la kiss Arena. twitter.
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