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How to choose chamois for your cycling shorts?


Mainly, there are 2 different chamois in the market: gel pads and foam pads. But do you really know how to choose the pad for your cycling (bib) shorts?

First, let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of both pads.


Gel pad 

Advantages: with strong adsorptivity, stable, good chemical stability, high mechanical strength, not distortion, Good flexibility

Disadvantages: not good at breathability. Because the sweat can be discharged, it will be a lot of sweat and high temperature under the buns.

Foam pad

Advantages: strong absorption capacity, high buffer performance, soft and smooth material can fit the body best, so that the sweat can be discharged easily, quick dry, not easy to mold.

Disadvantages: can be twisted and put under blazing sun for a long time, because that will get the working life short.


After we check the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of pads, I think you already have an idea how to choose the chamois for your cycling (bib) shorts.

According the difference between these 2 kinds of chamois, we will suggest:

If you are a new rider and your riding time is less than 4 hours, you can try gel pads. And it will be better if you can get a pad with punching gel layer on the bottom of the pad, but not on the top only under the fabric.

If you are pro rider or you ride always a long time more than 7 hours, make sure that your cycling (bib) shorts are with foam pad. It will get your better performance than a gel pad.

OK now you know how to choose the right chamois for your shorts, pls contact us to place an order. We will do our best to offer you the best quality products and best service.

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