lionel messi wins trademark court case

by:Betrue     2019-08-25
Lionel Messi, who won a case in the European Union, registered his last name as a trademark for the sale of sports equipment and clothing. The second EU
The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that his fame was enough to overcome the phonetic similarities with the Spanish cycling clothing brand Massi.
After the brand successfully complained to the EU Intellectual Property Office, the case arrived at the EU General Court (EUIPO).
The EU ipo said that Messi and Messi are almost identical in vision and voice, and some people will find it difficult to distinguish between the two, but the court does not agree.
\"In fact, Mr. Messi is a
\"Well-known public figures that can be seen on television and often discussed on television or radio,\" the court said . \".
30-year-old Messi scored his 600 professional goals last month.
Top scorer in Barcelona and Argentina.
The court said that while some people may not know Messi, it is unlikely that people who buy sports equipment will do so.
This decision can still be appealed in the EU court.
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