\'magic: the gathering\' revisits ravnica in 2018-2019 reinvention

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
Collectible card game Magic: The party is on a nostalgic journey.
Hasbro, Friday-
Coast Wizards announced that after the release of core episode 2019 in July, the next three card episodes of its game will be in the fantasy world of Ravnica.
This will mark Magic\'s third use of Ravnica as a setting, and the decision to return to that setting is largely due to the popularity of its predecessors.
Currently, Wizards have revealed details of two of the three card groups to be held in Ravnica.
The Guild of Ravnica will be launched in October 5, 2018, while cards of Ravnica Allegiance will be available in the game store on January 2019.
Magic: parties have been around for over 20 years, but keep fresh by cycling through the submarine regularly
Theme many times a year.
Ravnica is a fan favorite centered around ten Guild-controlled big cities.
Different guilds attract different players who can build the decks of their favorite factions.
Coast Wizards wrote in an announcement about the upcoming game: \"If players are not allowed to play as their favorite Guild, it will not be a return to Ravnica.
In 2005, the Coast Wizards held a Magic Match around Ravnica for the first time.
Guild loyalty is a new issue in the game and is popular with fans.
Ravnica: Guild City won the 2005 Origin award for \"collectible card games or annual expansion.
\"Magic is eager to emulate the popularity of the set of episodes and re-use Ravnica as a scene in 2012.
The title of the sequel is back to rafnika.
According to the announcement, the difference this time is, leading-
Until the final showdown with one of the most legendary and powerful opponents of magic, the ancient dragon Nicole Bolas.
\"Just know that while the background will be Ravnica, the focus will be on the climax of the story, not the guild,\" the announcement wrote . \".
That\'s what they said, but the main excitement of the announcement is that the guild is back.
In order to use the hype, Wizards also announced the release of ten pre-
A deck was made for each Ravnica Guild.
Custom deck (
And pins, stickers and T-shirts)
Magic fans know what the real story is, which allows players to choose and play a favorite Guild.
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