mamils and deliverymen: a classification of cyclists in hong kong

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
Nurse: secretly holding in your stomach.
The drivers of the minibus in Hong Kong are manic, polluted and steep, and do not seem to be suitable for cycling.
Despite these obstacles, the popularity of cycling is still soaring and has made headlines in the past few months.
A cycling rally was held on last December to support the petition for a coastal bike lane.
Bike lovers and environmental activists alike want to see the trail winds of Victoria Harbour from Kennedy Town to the West Bay River, crossing some of the most crowded places on Hong Kong Island.
Last weekend, Hong Kong\'s chief executive wanted Mr Tang to support the Hong Kong Cycling Campaign.
Yen and his wife and children ride bicycles in Maanshan.
The event is part of a promotional stunt to demonstrate support for the Hong Kong League for Democracy for improvement and progress, which encourages cycling in the New Territories.
There are 60 kilometers of bike lanes in the North District, and the air is fresher than in downtown Hong Kong.
Roads extended from Tsuen Wan to Tuen Mun are scheduled to be completed by 2015.
Anyone anywhere you see is open to them with two wheels and gorgeous new bike shops.
Here we take a closer look at some of the city\'s cyclists.
In addition, there is the word \"tight\" in the future of CNNGo: Hong Kong port.
On a sunny Sunday morning on last December, the square outside the Tung Chung subway station was packed with what was called a \"nurse\"
Middle-aged man in a Lecca bike suit
Proved how popular road racing is in Hong Kong.
Andrew Wright, director of the store Tribal, which sells cycling, swimming and running equipment in Happy Valley, said racing bikes are particularly popular among corporate professionals who love the challenging and competitive nature of the sport.
How dedicated some cyclists were, which impressed him.
Go out and ride the early morning car almost every day of the week.
Steve said that Steve is a rider and sits outside the East Wing pasta restaurant of Steve group s group with a group of cyclists. He has been cycling for about two or three years.
If the weather is good, they go out for a ride every weekend.
He likes the team nature of sports.
Ride in a bag
Make it very communicative.
He also likes to give him fast rides.
\"I really like speed,\" he said . \".
If you are going downhill then you can go 70 kilometers per hour.
Some people will buy a bike for HK $100,000.
This can do more hair.
The road in Hong Kong is not suitable for road racing, but it is raised, Steve said.
He explained that drivers have little respect or patience for cyclists and that the road conditions are often very bad.
But while Hong Kong riders have a bad terrain, they can at least get the best bikes as more and more bike shops open in Hong Kong.
Bike racing is a perfect sport for equipment lovers, and countless accessories and modifications are expected to make your bike lighter so you can go faster.
Hong Kong people like to buy the most expensive things, Steve said.
Some people will buy a bike for HK $100,000.
Of course, the most important thing to maximize your speed is --than-
Leka\'s tight riding suit.
Steve explained that if it wasn\'t tight enough, it felt like a parachute, pulling back the fabric that was leaning against his arm.
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For Joey man, bicycles have evolved from leisure activities to a part of everyday life.
After riding a mountain bike into town several times, he found himself very fond of it and now he uses a fixed bike.
Most of the time, bike around the city and go to work.
He likes the convenience of riding because it allows him to get to places outside the public transport network and often move around faster.
He can see the city when riding a bicycle.
This is different from taking a bus or a car, Man said.
When you ride a bike, you will be in close contact with the urban environment.
You can take a closer look at everything around you.
For fixie, they use bicycles as fashion accessories.
But there are some problems with this environment.
While things are getting better and better as more people ride, Man says Hong Kong drivers are not used to riding bicycles.
He said they will honk you very loudly and ride so close that their mirror will touch your arm.
Pollution on bigger roads can be a problem.
People prefer to stay on quiet streets because of these things.
His favorite place to go is the old district of Kowloon, such as Shanghai Street, where there is much less traffic and you can get closer to the city life around you.
Man says it looks cool is another reason people want to ride in the city.
Urban cyclists pay more attention to fashion than motorcyclists.
While they may spend the same amount of money on the bike, the point for them is style, not speed.
For fixie, the man says, they use bicycles as fashion accessories.
You don\'t need to ride a bike fast once you\'re in the city area, so you want to find something simple to make you look cool.
Bicycle delivery officer: arrive there on time at the risk of life.
Then there are cyclists who ride bicycles in the city as part of a day\'s work. Mr.
Jackie Chan used his bike to transport food for Gihn Lei fast food restaurant on Dundas Street, Mong Kok.
On a busy day, he can hardly
Stop shipping around Mong Kok, Yau Ma Di and Prince Edward.
The bike is much faster than walking, he said.
But it does not cause pollution and does not require gasoline.
Now that the gas is getting more expensive, you will only have a motorcycle if you work for Pizza Hut.
Sometimes I get scared.
For the past four years, Jackie Chan has been delivering goods every day by bike.
He said he really enjoyed walking around the city in this way, and he was never really tired when he was riding a bike.
He explained that I like to ride a bike because it is also my hobby.
But sometimes it\'s great to ride a bike.
Regardless of the weather, Jackie Chan has to deliver the goods, and he says sometimes he has to go out and ride even if it rains or a typhoon comes.
His delivery route took him to the larger roads around Kowloon, where traffic could become terrible.
Sometimes I will be afraid, he said.
Sometimes you ride along Nathan Road and suddenly the bus is by your side.
There are too many buses on Nathan Road, you know, and they drive past you.
I was really scared at that moment.
The traffic and obstacles on Hong Kong\'s roads make it more difficult to ride bicycles, Chan said.
Anyone who wants to ride a bike in the city must know the road and have experience of riding a bike.
It looks easy, he said.
But it can be dangerous if you have no riding experience.
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