new fashion company provides different spokes for different folks

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
This is the last straw for Susan stockhoff.
Esquimalt business analyst came to the office she shared with a male colleague.
Then . . . . . . Disaster.
\"I pulled down my ugly bike rain pants.
I lost my jeans, too.
That\'s it, I guess. I don\'t wear it anymore.
Stockhoff is a very difficult person to deal. core cyclist.
She and her husband from Amsterdam lived without a car for six years.
Shirley Hof, a fashion woman who has worked in the fashion field for men and women, is tired of ugly bike outfits she sees as unnecessary.
So in December 2012, she started her own business,
French for \"bike).
Stockhoff believes that as the next big trend in cycling, interest in fashion is growing rapidly.
To help solve the problem, Victoria was hatched.
Shophof\'s online boutique focuses on functional and stylish cyclic wear and accessories.
You can buy rain hats, clothes and hats.
You can buy it.
Painted bells, handbags that function as panniers, color bikes-
Seat cap similar to fan, portable leather wine rack or filigreed bike skirt guard.
Le vélo Victoria\'s motto is \"providing an elegant solution to everyday bike challenges \".
\"All in all, stockhoff can help if you want to look good while riding a bike.
Although some accessories are versatile for men and women, her clothing is still aimed at women.
She does not make her belongings;
She found them from other places.
Although some are made specifically for her store).
Tourists to Le vélo, Victoria (levelovictoria. co)
We have benefited a lot from the keen sense of fashion.
Her biggest gripe about bike wear and accessories is that most gears have a sporty look.
Stockhoff says she doesn\'t want to wear a highlighter.
Hued spandex has always been.
\"Cycling is not just sports, is it?
I just don\'t want to go to a coffee shop or eat or put all the rain gear on.
\"It\'s a little annoying,\" she said . \".
The concept of stylish bikes is more deeply rooted in Europe, where you may see a business, stockhoff says
It is suitable for people who ride bicycles in the rain to work with umbrellas.
Stockhoff believes that North Americans are increasingly interested in fashion as cycling becomes more popular.
She also believes that fashionable cycling will also pull up the fence --
Nanny who may be interested in commuting by bike but has not yet made a leap.
The appeal that looks good is just the push that some people need.
Stockhoff provides advice through a blog on her website.
For example, some people worry that if they ride a bike, they sweat their sweaty back at work.
She also explained how to fold a.
The right hot suit coat, put in your underpants.
Another thing stockhoff has in common
Feel advised: Just slow down if you are too hot.
\"This is not a game,\" she said . \"
So far, Velo Victoria is just stockhoff and her marketing manager.
She is active on social media and has over 1,800 followers on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
Hof continues to be a business analyst during the day.
Her work was done at night and on weekends.
She stored the product in a well.
Her Esquimalt loft has organized rooms.
\"We are selling a lifestyle,\" stockhoff said . \".
\"This is a lifestyle brand we are building.
\"Time colonists.
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