\'nude\' or not, women\'s cycling team uniform makes waves

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
If one goal of a women\'s cycling team from Colombia is to attract people\'s attention, they are a great success.
Some observers say,
There seems to be a sample of meat in the phototone-
Colored fabrics in their lower areas
\"Rude\", \"wrong\" and \"disaster \".
\"But others are defending uniforms and riders in uniform, saying criticism is completely sensational.
The uniforms caused a stir in Italy, where the team competed in the elite women\'s Giro della Toscana this weekend.
American player Sherrie oldd won the match.
But people on social media are dazzled by the Bogota human team\'s bike kit. (
Contrary to some reports, the team is not the national team.
Its sponsors include the city of Bogota and are recognized by the Ministry of Sports of Colombia).
A photo of Hillary Evans was forwarded over 11,000 times
Twitter thinks the picture is risky enough to warn that \"the following media may contain sensitive material \".
\"I\'m not a fashion expert, but I know that the Colombian women\'s cycling team jersey I saw here is a real disaster,\" Evans wrote . \".
The uniform also caught the attention of UCI president Brian Cookson.
\"For many people who have raised the issue of a certain women\'s team kit, we are dealing with the case,\" he wrote on Twitter . \".
\"It is unacceptable by any decent standard.
\"The BBC\'s story about uniforms and Cookson\'s response includes a version of the latter.
Added a photo of the match at a black bar.
The dispute led to the release of a photo of the pro men\'s team by the Columbia cycling project Ultimo Kilometro (Footon-Servetto-Fuji)
Wearing a similar \"naked\" uniform with the title \"cycling, not fashion \".
\"On Monday, there was information to answer two key questions: who would design a nude suit --
Color section, is the uniform really not as appropriate as it looks in the photo?
According to the chase wheel website, this section has made some viewers do double
Take is not the \"naked\" color, it is golden
\"Leica photos made as Gold effects are never good.
Unfortunately you are there.
\"As for the design, according to the Spaniard, it seems to be coming from a member of the team, Angie Tatiana Rojas Suarez, who is cyclinglanguage ABC.
Es El times.
Rojas is an accomplished 22-year-
According to her online resume, she has won the national championship in both cycling and skating.
She is also in charge of sports journalists and communications at the vitamin company that sponsors the cycling team.
Most of the information Rojas recently posted on Twitter and Facebook bypassed the uniform issue and instead chose to celebrate her team\'s work in Italy.
But she did forward a comment saying \"the uniform may not be the most beautiful and we may not like it, but there is no need to make certain comments.
Rojas also forwarded an apology message from an Italian bike site that helped spark controversy over the photo.
In an apology posted on Sunday, the website Tuttobici said it was vulgar and disrespectful to Colombian cyclists.
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