police hunt northcote flashers, railway station attacker

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
Police are hunting down two exploiters who were exposed to women in North Cote during January, one when riding a bicycle and the other when pretending to be a jogger to take off their blue pants
In the first incident, a woman saw a man standing on the playground next to Merri Creek on Wednesday, January 12, around eight o\'clock P. M. , and then he ran after her.
The victim told police that she noticed the 50-year-old man standing near a bridge a while ago, taking off his sportswear and shoes and revealing blue pantyhose.
Investigators said the man began to stretch as if he was preparing to run, and then strangely laughed at the woman before she ran in the opposite direction.
The police said the man was fair.
Skin, about 180 tall, curly gray and brown hair, slightly olive skin, clean-
Shaved and slim.
When the incident happened, he was wearing a gray T-
Shirt, dark gray Adidas sportswear pants with three white stripes on legs and runners.
Police released photos of the criminals.
January 23, a 31-year-
At about seven o\'clock P. M. , an old woman was jogging along Westbourne Grove on the Atherton Road when she noticed that a man was trying to get her attention.
Police said he then was exposed \"several times\" in front of her as he passed her by bike \".
Then he was seen riding his black mountain bike down the street on Atherton Road.
This man is between 20 and half years old.
Solid building in your 30 s, up to 185, Olive.
He wore a yellow bike helmet and a star, a purple shirt, black shorts and a Leica bike suit.
Meanwhile, transit police are calling for help in identifying a suspected fumble 26-year-
Last month, an old woman from the Fleming Bridge train station in northern Melbourne also came here.
Police said the woman was at the station around 9: 00.
Waiting for a city at 40 in the morning of January 13-
She was on the train when she was approached by the man.
The victim told police that the man touched her improperly and she ran away when she screamed for help.
The man is in his 20 s, about 165 tall and looks like an Indian.
He\'s wearing a red plaid shirt.
Color jeans on the day of the attack.
Police released photos of the man they wanted to talk.
Anyone with information can call crimestop at 333 on 1800 or go to crimestop. com. au.
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