refugees cling to wi-fi in the jungle of calais

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I know why it\'s called Jungle.
The camp in Calais, made of tarps, consists of hundreds of fragile tents, plywood sheds and crumbling shelters crammed into sand dunes next to the English Channel.
It houses about 6,000 Afghans, Sudanese, Iraqis, Iranians and others who fled the terrorists, but they feel reluctant and indifferent in France.
Popular news Google cloud service disruptions missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupted Harris man to take a shower at a faucet next to a row of worn-out chemical toilets.
The tattered clothes floated in the breeze.
The big gray mouse hurried through the tent, while the dead mouse threw rubbish on the nearby sand.
CNET\'s message from the digital-era refugee crisis the jungle is often described as one of the worst refugee camps in France, primitive and dirty.
Burnt Wood shows where the fire burns after a dispute broke out between different peoples ---
Anger, frustration and forced cooperation
In this bleak 90-acre space.
But open the settings dashboard of your phone at the right time of day and you will find
Hotel facilities: free WiFiFi network.
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The wireless network called \"Jungala\" is transmitted from a rough but usable hand to the camp.
An antenna was installed on a shabby blue truck that used to transport horses.
It is called the refugee information bus, which is run by a charity called \"Helping Refugees.
The name of the Afghan camp, Jungala, is the lifeline of the camp\'s occupants, with as many as 400 people logged in every day.
Internet access gives them access to the latest information about the camp, sharing photos, reading news at home, getting to know the rights to asylum, and learning the language they need in the New World.
Most importantly, Jungala allows them to keep in touch with family and friends. \"Wi-
Fi is very important.
This becomes your connection to your family, \"said British volunteer Beatrice Lorgan, who consumes 50 gigabytes of data every two days.
This is nearly 400 times the typical monthly mobile data plan in the United States.
Information Bus Group skirt network data-
Transfer restrictions by constantly looping through the use of new SIM cards (chips that allow access to the phone network. It\'s worth it.
When I asked Amin Talebzadeh what he did with his phone, every app he listed was for communication: Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and Imo.
He pays 30 euros a month for the phone. -about $33.
This is a huge sum of £ 25. year-
Old Iranians trapped in France have no jobs.
Those who cannot afford the price rely on the refugee information bus.
No one can easily give up the comfortable life of family and friends because they don\'t know where to find food, clothes or shelter, let alone work.
Travel is hard, dangerous and costs thousands of dollars.
But based on the data I spoke to dozens of refugees when I visited the Jungle with my colleague Rich tren Holm in June, this is what you have to do in order to escape the horror and violent life
We spent some time in a fence.
Part of the jungle, providing government housing consisting of metal containers and another relatively strong plywood camp, 25 miles east of GrandeSynthe.
We would like to see in person who is providing assistance and what is helpful to refugees and immigrants who live there.
But our bigger goal is to find out the role technology plays in this global humanitarian crisis.
Is technology helping refugees?
Not important?
Is it frustrating for people to start a new life?
We found that mobile phones are the most important survival tool for many people trapped in the north end of France.
Drive an hour from Paris.
They are also expensive luxury items if you don\'t have the money.
A cheap model costs 200 euros, which is not the cost of network access.
While social networking apps like Facebook and messaging apps like Viber connect them with people at home, they don\'t solve the fundamental problem of making people refugees-
Or help solve political problems that prevent them from solving them permanently.
Hostile reception groups like Salam help refugees and Care4Calais with free food and clothes.
The clothes must be in good condition.
The important thing is [for them]
To preserve their dignity, \"said a Care4Calais rescue worker I met at an informal restaurant in the jungle.
I noticed that a refugee carrying lunch provided by Salam had Asics running shoes I bought at REI for $100 ---
But he\'s in better shape.
Clothing is not the problem.
Most parts of France are not ready to welcome refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons.
According to United Nations data, at the end of 2015, France had more than 330,000 displaced persons, and the terrorist attacks on Paris in November exacerbated the fear of foreigners.
When Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced plans to build a new refugee camp in the Paris area, right?
Right-wing politicians are bashing.
Anti-government vice president Florian Philip Potter
The National Front party said on Twitter that the mayor\'s plan would take the jungle anywhere.
Eric Ciotti, president of the Alps-
The Maritimes division in southeast France predicts that this will encourage more people from Syria, Iraq and other wars
Make the Mediterranean Sea a dangerous country across Europe.
The French police are also a problem.
There was no security in the jungle, and the Bar Human Rights Commission recorded police violence against refugees in Calais.
But 0. 5 billion of Europe\'s population should be able to absorb.
5 million refugees, the French head of the Médecins Sans Frontières, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières.
\"This is not a crisis,\" he said . \"
\"This is the mistake of the organization.
\"Refugees choose the jungle because Calais is very close to the UK, where they often have family or friends.
Many refugees can speak at least some English, which means that if they can do 20-mile, one-
One hour by train across the strait.
A spokesman for Doctors Without Borders, Daniel Barney, said Britain is also handling asylum applications faster than France, which is why refugees are trying to get there before they start the process.
Even so, it usually takes a few months to process a claim in both countries.
Some refugees are trying to buy trucks heading to Calais railway station, where they want to catch the British train.
But few people can pay 8,000.
Euro cost per person-
In a group, discounts are sometimes offered to 5,000 euros per person. -
Rory Fox, head of the Dunkirk children\'s center under the age of 20, said traffickers accused
Personal volunteer School in GrandSynthe camp.
So the refugees are trying to grab the truck in the past and drag themselves on board.
It sounds dangerous.
More than 30 men, women and children have died in trials since 2015.
Frustrating: most of the people who set out from the jungle every night trek back in the morning but get frustrated.
It took nine months for the Sudanese refugee, Adam salad, to drive across Africa, take a boat to Italy, and take a train to France.
He wants to settle in England.
\"Britain has all my friends,\" he told me after making five friends.
A mile trek from another futile effort to jump a truck back into the jungle.
This has also become increasingly difficult, with authorities setting up miles of high-steel fences to prevent possible locations for refugees on highways.
Patrol day and night with two rows covered with razor lines. It\'s a low-
Technology is a big barrier.
Over time, the jungle has dragged the refugees down.
After seven months in the UK, 16-year-
Old Camille Samar, from Afghanistan, decided to seek asylum in France, although he was concerned that some French would not welcome him to the country.
According to the United Nations, France received 74,200 new asylum applications last year, up from 59,000 in 2014.
There are no apps to ship refugees to trucks, but technology has helped keep them safe on their trips to Europe.
Another spokesman for Médecins Sans Frontières, Mohammed Ganan, worked with volunteers through the Facebook group to track people crossing the Mediterranean.
It is dangerous to travel by boat.
At least 880 people died in the first five months of 2016.
Refugees use the mobile app to determine their coordinates and then send latitude and longitude data to the group every 15 minutes during the voyage via WhatsApp.
If the information stops, a volunteer will call the Coast Guard closest to the passenger.
Ghannam tracked 20 crossings, including his brother. in-
A successful trip from Turkey to Greece.
Translation and language applications are also helpful.
Since migrants and refugees in the jungle come from many different places, language barriers are common.
I don\'t know Persian, but there is a dictionary app on a regular Samsung phone and I learned that a refugee is a welder who wants his children to grow up in Canada, where they can be doctors.
Refugees on the phone often use the services of British Airways Three.
24-year-old Jungle Khan, an Afghan in the Jungle, resold SIM cards and account recharges purchased in the UK.
It\'s about 24 euros and he\'ll sell you a top-up that includes 12 GB of data, 300 minutes of talk time, and 3,000 text messages.
This comes in handy when the refugee information bus is out of range or when the refugee leaves the camp to try to hop on a truck.
\"It has a good roaming advantage, so in France, even if it is a British airline, it is very economical,\" Khan said of the three airlines . \".
For many refugees, 24 euros is a great asset.
In an unofficial canteen in the jungle, it takes about 3 euros for a hearty drink and salad.
But many people get free food from aid agencies because they can\'t even afford it.
Lycamobile is another popular operator.
Its main selling point is that members can call each other for free.
Of course, it won\'t work if a phone doesn\'t charge.
There is no electricity in the jungle.
So sweat will help;
He has a precious generator that will keep your equipment alive-
For friends or customers who buy something else in the store.
On a cold day in June, I visited his shop-
A dimly lit room with loose planks on the floor, screened out from the larger Woodand-
Tarp hut by the sheets--his five-
The Plug Power Strip was blown out and the charger was scattered on the table.
In front of the store, another part of his business developed three propane fuel tanks and sold three naan for 1 euro.
The phone is also a photo album, recording memories of happiness and pain.
Nahro Rashed, 35, brought his family from Mosul and he showed me him on the iPhone 2-year-
Old daughter Madena who was taken away before fleeing Iraq
He was eager to point out that she was wearing a Union dress
The shirt, the family already likes the British logo.
When we stood at the entrance of his plywood house in Grande --
He turned to another photo at the camp east of the jungle.
It shows Madena and her 6-year-
In Hungary, the old brother Mohammed was homeless under a blanket.
It reminds us that pictures are more powerful than words.
Other photos show their long journey through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and other countries.
Once, the family rode 27 hours behind the truck.
Rashid said he would pay the smugglers in order to bring them to the UK, but added, \"We have no money this year.
\"Refugees who stay in France, if they are willing to stay in France, can remove the barriers to asylum paperwork, they have the option.
The 30-year-old Foday Janneh fled the political turmoil in Sierra Leone on 2012, and when his flight arrived in France he was homeless, the only destination he could have had a connection.
He sleeps on the bus at night, looking for a paid phone so he can apply for a bed at the homeless shelter.
Every day, he says, 500 people meander out of the welcome center in Paris.
More than a year later, he passed a hard asylum interview and became a legal resident.
\"It changed everything,\" Janneh told me . \".
After passing, he got housing, health care, and finally got a job.
\"Just like you were born again.
\"Janneh told me from the Paris office in Singapore that the organization helped refugees learn French and linked them to French people who shared personal or work interests.
Like music and sports, these interests can be widespread and widespread.
In Janneh\'s case, it\'s narrow and professional ---accounting.
Singa bought one for him.
One location for a year\'s work and French university program.
Singapore hosts social and professional networking events and even helps refugees build their own businesses.
\"We have some people arriving with skills and willingness to do something,\" Co-said . \"
Founder Nathaniel more.
Singapore organized activities through the Internet and launched a CALM--
The French home of \"feeling like home--
Housing for refugees.
Like Airbnb and Uber, it uses algorithms to automate the process.
Singapore plans to set up a platform by the end of this year to match refugees with others in the Singapore network.
Since then, the group plans to introduce Waya, a website that provides reliable information about refugee rights, policies and procedures for migrants in Pashtun, Urdu and other languages.
It will also give advice. -
For example, tell the truth in an asylum interview instead of using a script that works for your friend.
When Jenner gets asylum and starts getting € 300 a month from the government, his top priority is to get a computer for entertainment and human contact.
\"I sometimes have to save and starve myself ---
\"Only one meal a day,\" he said . \".
\"I have no one to speak.
Very boring and depressed.
I need this computer to keep busy.
\"Whether it\'s a laptop or access to Jugala Wi-
The Fi network, with digital links to the outside world, is crucial.
\"The refugees are now in very close contact,\" Molle said . \"
Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.
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