richard quinn: london fashion week\'s emerging star who learnt business from his dad

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
Last season at London fashion week, thanks to a VIP front-row guest, the name of Richard Quinn suddenly became the focus, which most designers who have worked in the industry for years dream.
Her Majesty took part in her first catwalk show at her once-in-two-year fashion party, and after the show and news went viral, she presented him with an award.
Six months have passed and he is now known by the industry as \"the person to watch\" and while the Queen may not be on his show today, the buyer will.
\"I don\'t think two.
One hour a week lecture on business and how to sell your design will be a little helpful to me, like Richard Quinn said at the studio and Print Room in the trendy Pecham neighborhood in south London.
In recent years, design schools have been criticized for not preparing students for the business in the industry.
A 2015 survey of fashion business found that only 57% of students surveyed were satisfied with the university\'s professional services.
Quinn himself, who has just graduated from art school for two years, was surprised that the proposal should be part of the syllabus.
\"I think I learned all the business knowledge from my dad,\" he said . \".
His father runs a scaffolding company on the railroad arch near Quinn\'s studio.
\"I think business is 95% intuitive and common sense.
\"Although there are certainly more lessons to learn in the company he has just started, he has already started the career that many fresh graduates dream.
Quinn\'s name hardly appeared in the headlines as the work of the same name awarded him the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British design.
\"It has a lot of influence, more than I thought,\" he reflected . \".
\"I think one or two papers will be like this, \'ha-
Haha look at this and then my friends are in New York and Asia and they really sent me the news building with my name on it.
Over the next few months, he put on clothes for the most watched fashion red carpet event Met Gala and worked with department store Liberty and Debenhams.
Hype is also turning into sales.
He launched his first season with 15 stockbrokers, who have expanded to around 50 this season, including well-known stores such as MatchesFashion.
Market on Dover Street, liankaver Lane and opening ceremony.
In many ways, Quinn\'s route to launch the brand is typical of British designers.
He completed the famous fashion MA in downtown Saint Martin and won the H & M Design Award in 2017, which awarded him 50,000 euros ($58,000)
Invest in his business.
However, his business model, including design and manufacturing, is more unusual for a new fashion brand.
\"My whole idea is to have a print room and a women\'s label that runs with it.
It sounds like a huge feat before you actually do it, but in reality, one is the other, \"he cited bold color prints that dominate his collection.
It is a printing studio that is open to students and professionals and is used for their own creations, initially providing important income.
Now, the success of the women\'s label is taking over, but the printing facilities will still be an important part of the business and the brand.
\"I like London. I grew up here.
This is what I want to do.
I actually have a skill.
I\'m not going to sit in front of the computer, send the computer to Italy and talk about screen printing.
Why don\'t I buy some screens to do it myself?
\"With the gradual maturity of art studios and cool independent labels, the surrounding area was quickly packed with people, but production facilities were barely available
This could be a promising opportunity for Quinn, just as individuals would like to bring skills and craftsmanship back home.
He also pays his employees a living wage, Quinn calls it \"just standard, really\", but as many bottom-level people in the industry know, among other brands that rely heavily on unpaid interns, this is often not the case.
Richard Quinn currently employs only three.
Time staff, including Quinn and his sister, as well as an employment student, but when extra help is needed, they hire freelancers and pay the agent for handling PR.
However, the expansion is on the horizon.
\"We need to grow very quickly.
There\'s only so much we can do . \"“It’s nice if (
Print Studio)
The business grows with the development of other businesses.
It is clear that women\'s clothing will naturally take over soon in terms of sales, which will obviously bring problems to space.
At that time, this (space)
Okay, but maybe we\'re moving now?
More space, more windows.
But obviously I don\'t want to go too fast and get stuck like, ah, it\'s a flash in the pan.
I would rather use the space I have to make money from the space I have and then move when it really needs to move.
\"Recently, some large designer companies have been buying and opening up manufacturing units to improve their business.
In May, Burberry announced that it will acquire its Italian leather products factory to have greater control over \"quality, cost, delivery and sustainability.
On last November, LVMH announced that it would open more factories in Italy to expand the production of Fendi and Céline, bringing their total number of manufacturing plants in the country to 24.
Having your supply chain seems to be a luxury booking for multiple peoplemillion-
But Quinn proves it can also work on a small scale.
Quinn first bought two cars.
Start the studio\'s hand-made press, but work with Epson\'s savvy to make it first-class.
In exchange for the printer, Quinn hosted talks with the company and allowed his space to be used as a showroom to show potential customers machines in the working environment.
For Epson, working with luxury designer brands also improves their production
As a result, Quinn felt like they had missed something before.
\"Many of their textile software is designed to produce a bicycle top or t-on a large scale-
Shirts and the like.
When I approached them and said, look at my horse collection.
I am very interested in these publications.
It\'s like the different areas of the market you haven\'t touched at the moment.
This is the best advertisement.
\"He wants the printing studio to prove his business in the future, and he shows
There\'s always a class feeling on the back-up plan.
\"Even if my women\'s wear collection really fails now, go to the toilet, anyway, or I don\'t want to do it anymore, I still have a profitable company here.
So, like, it\'s just two sides of something smart.
\"While some brands may hesitate to get competitors into their workspace for fear of endangering their intellectual property rights, Quinn says he is not interested in participating in the trend of fashion students and young brands, they are calling on luxury brands to copy them.
\"I think we live in an era where everything is available and everything is recycled to a certain extent.
So if someone copies us, we will laugh at it and we will move on to the next one.
\"Even with the brand growing, Quinn has found the concept of fake designer goods to be more of a charm than a threat.
\"I grew up in a world where people would go to Woolwich market to buy a fake Gucci wallet, but it\'s still credible.
Like, you still long for it.
It\'s a business for me.
Quinn admits there is no business plan yet.
The predictability of previous years, and while fortunately much better than Quinn expected, his plans depend largely on the intuition and common sense he cites.
\"I haven\'t been doing this for a year because I showed off my first season in September.
Once we know what to sell, I would say it would be wise to make some predictions.
Once we do the fall/winter sales.
Then you will know the trajectory of everything.
We already have the work we like and it\'s a winner.
Do it in a different way of printing, it will sell 100%.
So we already know the hero part of it, and now we\'re just trying to figure out what\'s next, what can we improve, what can we push, and what can we keep for a few seasons?
I don\'t think there is a way to measure this before we do it for a few seasons.
Quinn has a caution and patience, which is surprising because in the first year of his brand, the media, awards and celebrities have been hyping him up.
He thanked all the support, but he also paid attention to the important things.
If he is not on his way to becoming a British celebrity fashion designer, he is at least building a much-needed printing factory in the capital, which has contributed a lot to the industry.
Richard Quinn\'s Fall/Winter 19 series will be on display at London Fashion Week at two o\'clock P. M. GMT today (9am EST).
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