summer danger: bikes

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
The weather is warm and many families have to go out.
Cycling is one of the most popular activities for children (
And their parents! ).
Bicycles are in some danger, but if you have a helmet in your hand and have some common sense, you can avoid them.
Here\'s how to make your child safe and fun on a two-wheel summer adventure.
Also: learn how to protect yourself from other summer hazards, from dogs and dehydration to sunlight, water and disease --carrying bugs.
The harm of cycling and cycling every day hundreds of children in the United States are injured while riding bicycles
Related accidents
Bicycles are more likely to cause child harm than any consumer goods other than cars.
There are more children injured by cycling in the emergency room than any other sport.
SafeKids USA says the use of helmets is the most effective way to reduce the death of bicycle accidents.
\"The use of universal bicycle helmets among children aged 14 and under 14 will prevent an estimated 212 to 294 deaths and 382,000 to 529,000 injuries each year.
\"Only about half of the states have laws that require children to wear bike helmets while riding bicycles, according to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute-so the\" parents act \"needs to fill in the places where the state act is missing.
Jeffrey W, child bicycle safety expert
Britton, chairman of the injury, violence and Poison Prevention Committee of the Wisconsin branch of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
Said to remember, \"Look at the monkey-
If parents don\'t wear helmets, children don\'t.
Britton suggested a high investment. quality helmet.
Look for an internal basket that is tightly placed on your child\'s head, which is more comfortable and helps keep the helmet in the right position. (
Helmets are also essential for children who skate, skate or ride a motorcycle. )Less-
Expensive versions don\'t fit, kids can push them back to their heads and release the straps, which makes the helmet less effective (
Or no help at all)in an accident.
Of course, riding a bike safely is more important than wearing a helmet.
Children often ride bikes that are too big or too small for them, which may get in the way of their control.
Young children may not be ready to handle shifting gears or hands-
Brake, so single
The speed is probably the safest.
Finally, Briton warned that open spaces for lanes, streets and parking lots could be dangerous.
When the kids have fun, they forget where they are, especially when they win the race from here to the stop sign.
Ride a bike with your child to 11 months: AAP recommends not to ride a bike with children of this age-whether in a seat, trailer, front backpack or backpack installed.
Vibration, vibration and bounce can be too intense.
Children of 12 months or more: children aged 1 to 4 years old with strong neck to support helmets can take a trailer or rear-
According to the AAP, the seat is installed.
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