the journey of amit samarth, the first indian to complete the trans-siberian extreme

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It was the most difficult night.
\"After sunset, when I rode my bike through the forests of Siberia, loneliness was stronger.
Amit Samares, 38, said: \"I call it a ghost, because at that time I was sure I was a ghostyear-
The old man from Nagpur became the first Indian to complete the Red Bull crossing, creating history
Siberian Extreme, Super
Bike race. The 9,100-
Kilometer bike race
The longest in the world --
It is known to test the limits of human endurance.
\"We have been cycling from Moscow to Vladivostok for 25 days and have gone through 15 stages through the border between Mongolia and China,\" he said . \".
\"Most of the games are in Midland, so we either ride a bike on the mountain or roll on the mountain for a few hours.
For a while, I rode for 58 hours in one breath.
The form of the competition is \"there is no rhythm you can follow \";
These stages range from 400 to 1,300.
Rest 8 to 14 hours after each stage
Depending on how difficult the journey is
In the hotel room, he will sleep there.
In the process, Amit has experienced climate change across seven different time zones.
\"Summer in Russia is not that bad, but it can drop to zero at night.
So, when I sweat on the highway during the day, I freeze in my seat at night, \"he said.
\"When we reached stage 10, it had already begun to rain --ice-cold rain.
\"For those who want to know, even urinating rest must be a quick rest on the side;
There is not a minute to waste.
Despite great efforts, Amit believes that the most stressful thing is the mind;
For most of the month, it\'s not easy to ride alone on a foreign highway.
\"The more I go east, the more sparse it is.
\"Even though there is a physiotherapy, medical and catering staff behind him.
He occasionally enjoyed the beauty of the barren land.
\"In Issue 12, I rode 250 km kilometers along Lake Baikal, the largest and deepest freshwater.
\"It\'s like I entered a magical world,\" he said . \" He enjoyed the sunset and sunrise he witnessed.
\"On Independence Day, I just got off the highway and sang the national anthem for five minutes. His followers
Bicycle and running community (
Amit was mostly marathon runners before taking the super bike)—
It is India that keeps him going.
\"Every time I feel pointless, I look at the GPS tracker on me and remind all the people who take part in the competition,\" he said . \".
In fact, a couple from Nagpur have even come to Russia in the last five days to make sure he eats Indian food.
\"We have high levels of carbohydrates and fat in our diet.
In order not to reduce muscle weight or strength, we have to consume nearly 12,000 calories a day! ” he says.
However, most of the food provided to them is meat
Rich people like sausages and meatballs are more primitive and bland than he used to be.
\"I prefer gravy and curry,\" he said with a smile . \".
Even in the country, when he started playing in January, his community in Nagpur was like his wife, like a pillar.
\"As the weather is too hot, I will spend the night by bike in and around Nagpur and my wife will drive behind me,\" he said . \".
Over the phone, Amit sounds a little sleepy.
\"I don\'t have enough sleep.
My sleep pattern has changed.
I trained myself to be sleepless before the game, \"he said.
When he gets home, he wakes up every few hours and wants to know how many kilometers are left.
The price to create history
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