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I was told, \"Taiwan is a good choice if you want to visit all China but don\'t have enough time.
Settled by talented, creative and hardworking Chinese who rejected communism under Mao Zedong in 1945 and fled to the then small island of Formosa Mosha.
Almost as big as Vancouver Island)
Has developed into a technology power.
It is, however, indeed art, food, and ancient traditions
Show the traditional etiquette of real Taiwan.
Ilha Formosa, meaning a beautiful island, is the name given to Portuguese sailors when they arrived in Taiwan at 1517.
I found it was only 394 long and 144 km wide.
Outside of international Taipei and crowded West Coast cities
The island boasts spectacular views from lush rice fields to the mountains of the thriving flora and fauna, to the rugged coastline and several unique offshore islands.
Starting from the modern capital, the whole island can be easily sailed in a week.
Taipei 101, the world\'s tallest office building, shows the city\'s shiny steel and glass side.
You can find the best Chinese art in Taipei\'s huge national museum, where 3,000 years of Chinese history has developed before your eyes. (
Nationalists carry them with them when they flee the mainland to \"keep them safe \". )
On the other side of Chiang Mai
The stone pavilion tells Taiwan\'s recent story in several glittering pavilions, all free of charge.
The busy streets of the city are packed with colorful night markets and motorbikes lined up.
I jumped on the bullet train and flashed South at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, stopping to visit ancient Chinese Hakka villages such as Beipu and Lugang.
Under no circumstances should anyone miss the 88-hectare architectural gem of Nanyuan, Hsinchu County, the world\'s largest private Chinese garden.
Built in 1985 for private use, the garden was only open to the public in 2008.
Imagine a quiet life, meditation, conversation, poetry, painting, calligraphy and music, all hidden in a walled garden full of rocks, water, trees, plants, sculptures and temples.
In ancient times, only elite people could dream of such a life, and for most people today, such a vision was more than just a book or a picture in a Hollywood movie.
In Nanyuan, the dream has become a reality.
I continued to head south to Miaoli county, where 47,759 lanterns of all shapes and sizes were displayed on 2011 Miaoli County Lantern Festival, breaking the Guinness World Record.
I visited his 89-year-old shop with a man named the old Lantern master, who still hand-painted his traditional paper lantern in the style of his ancestors.
Few Westerners seem to know that Taiwan\'s tropical region is the highest mountain in Asia.
Walking and biking trails criss-crossed
Across the island.
In order to get around the whole island, a paved bicycle lane is being built with bicycle rental services everywhere.
Surfing is obviously popular. very)
Hot summer is also the typhoon season.
Skip the heat and go in spring or autumn.
So far, even most Taiwanese have never been to the far-flung Golden Gate Island.
Surprisingly, only half of the island
A few kilometers off the coast of mainland China;
So close that the two countries fought several wars to control their strategic position.
On 1959, Mao Zedong\'s army bombarded Golden Gate endlessly, forcing terrible residents to dig shelters and tunnels for survival.
Today, as relations between the two countries improve, several kilometers of tunnels are opened as tourist attractions.
In the dark, when an air strike alarm and a simulated bombing were heard, a strange experience did stumble in those tunnels.
I then visited the knife factory near Master Wu, where the famous artists have been busy turning an old shell from a mountain into expensive stainless steel knives and swords, with souvenirs to tell stories.
Returning north from the rocks on the East Coast, I ventured into areas that few tourists had visited.
To my surprise, 14 indigenous communities are still alive and thriving in Taiwan.
Bunun Village gives us a glimpse of the traditions and lifestyles of this ancient indigenous tribe.
Bunong has lived in mountainous areas since arriving in central Taiwan thousands of years ago.
From Indonesia or polynisia)
Until the arrival of Christian missionaries a century ago.
Bunun is known to be a fierce warrior and headhunter.
Nowadays, they are famous for singing and dancing, and the weekend performances attract a large audience.
The entire east coast of Taiwan is flooded with hot springs.
Taiwanese like to sunbathe in indoor and outdoor hot pools, but for me, the most strange feeling I have on any trip in the world is probably hot springs, A special fish is raised there and training it to suck your toes.
Yes, exactly.
Little piranha-
When you put your feet into their hot pool, typing the fish will bite the dead skin from your feet is really an exciting feeling.
I jumped 2 feet m in the air, only for a few minutes, and ran away in front of the laughing villagers.
The National Traditional Art Center in Yilan county, Northeast China is a 24-
Never miss the Park of hectares.
While the complex looks more like an expensive shopping mall than an art gallery, it\'s amazing that in the dazzling array of leather products, Chinese calligraphy, glassware, puppets and Chinese lanterns
It\'s a pure shopping paradise for those who are determined to find \"Real Deals\" instead of replicas.
Everything from the food here to the hotel to all over Taiwan is reasonably priced.
If you don\'t visit Taiwan\'s own Grand Canyon Taroko National Park, the visit to the east coast is incomplete, which takes 19-
The Km Canyon runs through the mountains, a galloping White River through steep cliffs and exotic marble structures.
The entire Northeast coastline is the joy of photographers rolling down to rocky beaches with high jagged cliffs.
Back in Taipei, those looking for \"real Taiwan\" should be in the emerging Kang-Qing-
Dragon district, a cutting community
Fringe artists, writers and intellectuals who run teahouses, record shops, bookstores and antique stores all have a unique business model: \"make a living instead of making money.
\"Here you will find owners and employees keen to discuss Taoist philosophy while selling you Records of the most fashionable underground bands in Asia, or tea grown from the most selected hillsides in the countryside.
Perhaps the biggest surprise to visit this \"Pacific gem\" is not art or scenery, but polite people and modest culture.
In an increasingly global and weary world, so many travelers wear T-shirts
Taiwanese shirts, old jeans and baseball caps are very different.
Old people and young people, rich people or farmers, all Taiwanese seem to be very good
Very polite and outgoing.
Outside a museum, I even saw a notice that said, \"you are not allowed to wear sloppy clothes.
\"Right now, this is definitely a sign you can\'t see at Disneyland.
The only word you need to know is \"nee how? \" (how are you? )and \"shey shey! \" (thank you)
Every transaction rolls down from the tongue.
Thailand may be known as a place to smile, but Taiwan will definitely get the title.
This journey of a foreign country swings back and forth between old and new, fashion and tradition, to your surprise all the time.
One thing that remains the same, however, is that Taiwanese are elegant people.
Be sure to bring a whole box of business cards as everyone will ask you for one as a souvenir to meet you.
You may meet more friends on your trip from Taiwan than on other trips. —
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