victorian women wore \'convertible skirts\' so they could ride bikes without abuse, academic finds

by:Betrue     2019-08-24
A university scholar found that Victorian women invented a \"convertible\" with a secret pulley mechanism, allowing them to cycle freely.
Although bicycles are very popular in the middle and upper floors
For professional women in the 19th century, strict skirts and skirts mean cycling can be dangerous.
Long skirts and dresses catch on bike wheels or on pedals, which is common.
Onlookers often abuse and throw stones at cycling women, while conservative social attitudes mean wearing pants in public is unacceptable.
Dr Kat Jungnickel, a senior lecturer at Goldsmith College at University of London, said the convertible allows women to secretly switch between walking and cycling identities without being harassed.
Her research shows the invention of clothing that has pulleys, concealed loops and buttons that make travel easier and safer.
Women riding bicycles are able to move around faster without being accompanied by men.
As part of her project, Dr. Jungnickel redesigned some of the designs and tested them using vintage bikes.
\"Victorian British bikes are often celebrated as tools for women\'s liberation,\" Dr. Jungnickel said . \".
\"But with regard to another car where women are building new mobile public life cycle clothing, it is rarely noticed.
\"Dr. Jungnickel\'s research focuses on cities such as London, York, medden head and Bristol, telling the story of six women making women\'s cycling costumes.
\"Patented convertible cars are an exciting example of women making creative contributions to the bike\'s past,\" she said . \".
\"As these stories reveal, women respond with vivid creativity to the social, material and technical challenges they face with freedom of movement.
They actively and directly work with obstacles that are trying to stop them from riding bicycles and participating in public life more broadly.
\"Tailor Alice bigrave from Brixton, south London, registered a patent for a skirt sewn with a double pulley system.
The other designs of the times include three.
Part of the bike suit, with a hidden ring and button system to lift up the skirt, and a piece of clothing known as the Hyde Park safety skirt, it collects fabrics with a range of side buttons every once in a while.
Sisters from York, Mary and Sarah pith, have obtained a patent for a skirt that can quickly turn into a stylish high heelcollar cape.
Dr. Jungnickel\'s research is published today in the new book bicycle and bloom.
\"I am happy to be able to re-create these inventions and do research on these women, and I look forward to sharing this through my book and the summer tour,\" she said . \".
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